Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chapter 6 "Bloodlust" complete

Alright, so this latest chapter sees the end of an important figure, or someone who has been relatively important throughout the entire series so far, and then we're introduced to something familiar, yet maybe strange for such a setting that I have developed here.

Nonetheless, I hope the reception of this particular aspect of the story is received well, because I can, and am going to have a lot of fun in developing it.

I am of course talking about vampirism, and although it isn't directly named or mentioned as such, that is exactly what it is. I used to have lots and lots of fun roleplaying in vampire settings in a modern sort of way, and I had a lot of ideas and character progression that I think kicked tons of ass. But, being as this was a simple roleplay setting, that work that I did would never really see the light of day in actual storytelling.

Well, until now at least.

To reach chapter 6, or any other chapters, click here and follow the link to the NETHERBOUND serial index page. And remember to share/reblog if you enjoy what you read!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chapter 5 "Jack of Spades" Complete!

After some time and some interruptions for other things that needed to happen, including the holiday season and some new games that are pretty cool, I got back to chapter five and finished it today!

In chapter five, instead of having the Tredecim's ship AI just talk for a whole chapter about how and why everyone on the vessel is dead, I decided to do something a little different and take the reader through the perspective of one of the biggest antagonists in the series, Jack Marcellus.

He's violent, he's bad. There isn't a single redeeming quality left in this man, but it was essential for establish what happens next, in chapter six, "Bloodlust."

I've made a few new decisions about what's going to happen next in this book, and what I'm going to do with these characters. It might actually come out looking controversial but it's something I've always wanted to do in fiction and I figured, why not do it now?

Until then, click here and head on over to the Tumblr index page and check out chapter five! Or, if you haven't read any of it yet, start from the beginning. Just be forewarned that anything written on Tumblr is considered rough draft material and completely subject to changes once the initial first draft is completed.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday and a bright beginning to a new year!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Chapter 4 rough draft completed!

I know, I know. It's been a little bit of a long time coming, but I have an explanation. There are explanations for everything. While I was in the middle of writing chapter four, Fallout 4 released! This was pretty awesome, because the game is amazing. But I won't go into detail about that because it isn't entirely important to this update, nor is the fact that I also went through most of the main campaign in New Vegas, started playing Elder Scrolls Online (Add @paxcorpus if you like) again and am slowly working my way through Alien: Isolation (An amazing entry into the franchise).

Having burned myself out from 3D modeling, I decided to take a little break, and now that my head is sort of in the right place, I've finished chapter four of NETHERBOUND and am preparing to head into chapter five, rightly titled Jack of Spades.

Chapter four details a death-defying space walk within the already mentioned black hole where our ship, the Tredecim is hanging, suspended in hyperspace. You can read the whole chapter, and the rest of the rough draft chapters here, through the index page.

Chapter five, though, is going to be a bit different than anything I've done in my previous books. Instead of having the ship's artificial intelligence spend an entire chapter simply talking to the reader, we're going to literally jump into the mind of Jack Marcellus, which will detail certain unrevealed things and lead up to the beginning of NETHERBOUND, at which point the story will continue, mostly uninterrupted from any further gazing into the past.

Way back when I originally started writing this book, the beginning was very, very different. With those ideas from the first incarnation in mind, I'll be using them to detail in a much shorter fashion the how and why. For months I struggled with wanting to write that particular story, but also wanting to move forward to what I had planned next. Although I have explained my reasons for doing all that I've done, this is another reason I decided to start with what I wanted to do next, and gently inject the original story into this new form the story has taken.

But hey, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy reading what I've got so far for the rough draft, and look forward to what's to come. The pacing may be a bit slower, but that's how rollercoasters work, right?

Friday, November 6, 2015

NETHERBOUND Chapter 3 "Transmission From Hell" Complete

That's right! Another chapter is finished! In this chapter we come back to reality, whatever that means when you're trapped inside of a place where the laws physics mean nothing, and we learn even more new things.

Back in the seventies a signal was discovered in a pocket of dark space, no planets, no stars, nothing. This signal came to be named the "Wow!" signal and is a real thing you can listen to on youtube, here.

As Jennfier, the ships A.I. intercepts a strange signal that is assumed to have slipped over the event horizon, she discovers that this signal was being broadcast at 1420 megahertz, and that not only is it a distress signal, but likely the same signal that was discovered in the seventies, way back on Earth before everything died.


You tell me.

Come check out the new NETHERBOUND index page here on Tumblr where you can easily select chapters to read, including the newly released and finished chapter, "Transmission From Hell."

Thursday, November 5, 2015

NETHERBOUND Chapter 2 "There But For The Grace of God" Completed

That's right! I spent most of the day pounding out the second chapter of NETHERBOUND. It's a little shorter but it explains a lot. We start from the point at which Escape Velocity (the previous novel) ended and we skew it, we warp it and we connect it in fragmented shards that tell little significant details about what exactly happened.

He's awoken 223 years into the future, but this fact is not mentioned, yet.

He's incarcerated and blamed for wiping out most of humanity

He escapes prison, regardless and reunites with a mysterious and unexplained version of Meryl SinGarda, and then we find out that he is no longer he, or Dante.

This chapter is where I tie the two books together, provide some closure for the extremely anticlimactic end to Escape Velocity and provide the framework for the rest of NETHERBOUD. So if you've read Escape Velocity and you're dying to know just what the hell happens next, you can now not only find out where we are in the story, but how (sort of) we got there.

Stay tuned for chapter 3, "Transmission From Hell."

Click here to start at the beginning of chapter 2, or here to start from chapter 1.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NETHERBOUND Chapter One Completed!

As of today, the rough draft for chapter one in the explosive, dark and moody sequel to Escape Velocity is complete! As I've mentioned before, I'm doing what I'm calling a "live rough drafting" of the story over on Tumblr for all to read as it happens.

If you haven't seen any of it yet, or aren't sure how to get to the beginning of the story, click this link to start from the beginning. Each section of chapter one has links at the top and the bottom for chapter navigation, should you get lost, or need to go backward. I'm sure Morgan wishes she could!

So far, as the story goes, we've met a brand new character in #thepaxseries (or so you think), trapped on a ship named the Tredecim (latin for the number thirteen). As she learns that the situation is less than beneficial to her survival, she sets out to not only figure out what happened, why everyone is dead, but to find the passcode that she needs in order to force the ship out of hyperspace.

Hyperspace, which she discovers to be the depths of a black hole.

Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Diversity In Fiction

As a transgender woman who started writing her series (#thepaxseries) in 2005, well before I even knew that there was a word for myself, I can't say that my first piece of work, PaxCorpus, is totally clear of problematic social issues that I may have injected into the beginning of the series. This is something that is totally due to my lack of social awareness at the time, and the many, many ingrained and problematic things that the people around me had me believing.

Now, it's no MRA manifesto or anything (god no, holy shit), but there is, unfortunately, a little bit of passive misogyny that I wish I could have avoided at the time. But what's done is done, and it's part of the series. Overall, a really big accomplishment in my life.

With my second book, Escape Velocity, I was just barely started with my transition, and not very up-to-date on my social awareness, or what most would call "social justice" or intersectional feminism, so although I did reveal one of the characters to be transgender, I was later not very happy with the way I had originally handled things. Especially with the fact that I killed that character off. But then, things happen in my stories that sometimes just happen, they're out of my control and the characters take on a life of their own.

I am changing that with the re-imagining of my third novel, NETHERBOUND. I've already decided that the main character, Morgan Karga, is pansexual, a woman and I haven't yet decided how I would make her transgender if I should choose to, or how I would do it in a way that would make sense 223 years after the fall of humanity (in 2013). Although I'm sure lots of you can think of ways that it'd be easily possible, there are circumstances revolving around
this character that kind of restrict her and her existence to solely happening on the described space vessel (and nowhere else).

Strange predicaments that I've written myself into aside, there are many other characters who will crop up throughout the next few chapters that I write, all from diverse backgrounds. With my fiction I am trying to move as far as I can from entertainment standards, even if the plot mechanism is something that's been used before. Even if my previous books (of which span the last nine years of my life) were not totally perfect and well-versed in social justice standards and feminism.

And that's just one more reason that Dante needs to change, for good.