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NETHERBOUND Part 3: Dead Reckoning

NETHERBOUND Part 3: Dead Reckoning

Part 2 of the NETHERBOUND three parter, “Psychopathic Tendencies”

Part 2 of the NETHERBOUND three parter, “Psychopathic Tendencies”

I’ve changed the way I’m doing my next book, NETHERBOUND. Instead of writing a book that could end up being 50-60 chapters (or even more), I’m going to write and release NB in parts.
Part one will be, “Die, Dante, Die.” Part two will be, “Psychopathic Tendencies,” and part three will be, “Dead Reckoning.”
The opening to part one will also be a direct link to the end of part three.
I can’t wait to get this out there!

I’ve changed the way I’m doing my next book, NETHERBOUNDInstead of writing a book that could end up being 50-60 chapters (or even more), I’m going to write and release NB in parts.

Part one will be, “Die, Dante, Die.” Part two will be, “Psychopathic Tendencies,” and part three will be, “Dead Reckoning.”

The opening to part one will also be a direct link to the end of part three.

I can’t wait to get this out there!


When I see cringe worthy metaphors and try-hards trying to sound sophisticated




meanwhile in the beta


I want a flying chair, wtf lol

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Warlords of Draenor!

Some people out there think that World of Warcraft is crap, or old, or stale, and for a while, at different points throughout the years, I might have agreed. But all that time I was missing one of the most important parts of MMO gaming—A partner (and the fact that I prefer my own guild over someone else’s).

So, to celebrate the awesome that is WoW, I want to take a trip down memory lane.

World of Warcraft
November 23rd, 2004


I started playing World of Warcraft in early 2005, after having received quite a sour taste in my mouth from my previous MMO, Anarchy Online. I was dazzled and I was a Night Elf Rogue…until my best friend bribed me to be Horde with 10 gold (that Rogue is now level 90, today).

The Burning Crusade
January 16th, 2007


Oh my garde, this expansion… In between the time that I started playing in 2005 and the day that this expansion was released in 2007, I had been back-and-forth from different games and to WoW again, so, predictably, a few months prior to BC’s release, I had no level 60 characters. 

At the time, I was what you call, an alt-aholic (still sort of am). 

I’d always watched my one friend raid through all of vanilla and I wanted so badly to be able to do that, but by the time I got my Undead Mage to level 60, BC was released (like, literally on the same day).

But I enjoyed this expansion, aside from the attunement grinds that my noob-head wasn’t fully capable of grasping, especially since nobody was interested in helping.

Most of my time during BC was spent doing “normal” mode dungeons, battleground PVP and arenas (I didn’t even know what daily quests were).

Wrath of the Lich King
November 13th, 2008


By far my favorite WoW expansion of all time. I love the undead theme and the Argent Tournament was my favorite thing to do.

It was just before this expansion released that I learned how to not be such a scrubby Mage i.e. learned how to socket and enchant correctly to do an appropriate amount of damage in dungeons.

But during my first experiences with Wrath, as a level 80 Mage, I just was not enjoying the role of a caster as much as some others might.

So, like anyone else… I deleted my Mage and made a Death Knight. Deleted.

Now, this was around the time that everyone hated DKs (some still do), because 1) You didn’t need to start at level 1 (which was great for me) and 2) Death grip was really fucking annoying in battlegrounds.

But I still play that same Death Knight to this day!

December 7th, 2010


Another amazing expansion set from Blizzard. The trend of shoving the big-bad in your face all the way to max level was something that really sold me.

But, unfortunately, this was one of those expansions that, no matter how much I enjoyed it, I was forced to take sort of a “break” from the game, both due to the fact that I was absolutely tired of doing things all on my own and that the job I had during the life of Cata was so demanding that I only had time to sleep, eat and work.

It wasn’t until shortly before the release of Mists of Pandaria that I came back.

Mists of Pandaria
September 25th, 2012


This was an expansion that took me some time to get into, so much, in fact, that I leveled to 86 (still playing all by myself) and quit for about a year.

When I eventually came back, I did level my Death Knight up to 90 and had begun the trek through dungeons and dailies but I was still really missing that one special aspect of multiplayer gaming.

That was, until nearly 2 months ago when I met my aforementioned partner, Rina, who has absolutely breathed new life into my most-played MMO of all time.

We’ve gone through nearly every raid in the game (save MoP raids) and every dungeon and heroic dungeon I’ve ever missed.

We run an Alliance guild together (Kiss Kill Marry) on the alleged LGBT server, Proudmoore and enjoy just about every aspect of the game together, including 2v2 arenas.

And we are both highly anticipating the release of…

Warlords of Draenor
November 13th, 2014


This is the only expansion I’ve been fully prepared for. I have every single profession leveled up to 600. Rina and I are currently working our way through the completion of every dungeon, raid and scenario in the game. By the time this crazy-awesome expansion releases, we will have little to no reason to turn back for any of the older content.

I think that both of our most anticipated feature is Garrisons. But another thing that I’m really looking forward to is taking a second glance at Draenor and being ultra-nostalgic about The Burning Crusade.

Only this time, I’m prepared.

Also, if anyone has a beta key (or two) they’d like to give away, I still don’t have access to WoD beta! Please help!

That’s the end of my long, nerdy post on World of Warcraft, hope you enjoyed reading about a piece of my gaming history.


The Truth About My Relationship with Laurelai

Now, this is something that not a whole lot of people know about, but since she will not quit (and has resorted to posting my personal information on her social media accounts), I feel as though I have no choice but to reveal how hilariously long I manipulated her.

It took a few months, but after I met Laurelai, I eventually realized how horrible a person she is. 

The problem, is that I was already “dating” her, and I figured that if I broke up with her outright, she would make me one of her stalking targets until the day that I die.

So I got this brilliant idea to “reveal” to her that I’m a sociopath (I’m not, but, you know, because of how much she hates antisocial people) in order to get her to break up with me and remove herself from my life without knowing that this was my original intent.

The really strange thing is, is that she didn’t break up with me. She, instead, decided to treat me as if I were her science project (and had even spoken about feeding me shrooms to invoke empathy) and was absolutely convinced that I wanted “to change.”

It’s true, there are a few who have screenshots of conversations where she talks like this. I’d have to dig through the messages to find it, but I assure you, I could.

For around 4-5 months I continued to play the role of the “damaged sociopath” who wanted to be “good,” always making missteps or going out of my way to make an obvious “attempt” at manipulating her, so that she could cry victim and, finally, break up with me and leave me alone.

Over the course of our “time together,” I continued to up the seriousness of my “diagnosis” until it got to be too much for her to handle.

I even went as far as “confessing” publicly about “who” I was.

Laurelai wouldn’t want to be with someone who everyone knows is a sociopath, since everyone knows she hates and wants to kill them.

And even still, that didn’t work.

It wasn’t until one day that she decided my “manipulation” was too much for her to handle, and she therefore “broke it off.”

This girl literally thought that I loved her and that I was a sociopath who wanted to “get better.” And she claims to be a polymath genius.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it took so long for this to happen, because she is, herself, most likely a sociopath, and enjoyed the company of someone she believed to be “just like her.”

I mean, all you have to do is observe her words and actions and it’ll become abundantly clear to you what the truth is.


My final words to the @Walmart Corporation as an ex-employee


I’m writing this as a final note to my store (redacted) and the Walmart corporation as a whole.


It started when I came out as Transgender in 2012 (toward the end of the year), and I was immediately told by two of my Assistant Managers (redacted) and a Personel associate (redacted) that I both could not have a name badge that reflected my preferred name (regardless of all of the people who have nicknames on their badges, some of which do not reflect their legal names at all) and that I could not use the women’s restroom, because “it’s against the law in Pennsylvania” (even though it is not against the law and is both a violation of my rights and Walmart discrimination policy).


HR was later contacted and I was given the “okay” to have my correct name badge.


Throughout the course of my time with Walmart, I opted to use the “family restroom,” which is a single stall restroom that I consider the one and only safe, gender neutral bathroom in the store. This side-stepped more problems that I may have had with management and coworkers and provided a 100% safe place for me to use the bathroom.


After coming out, I put up with name-calling, intentionally transphobic remarks, the denial of my pronouns (she/her), my name (Meryl), which people either defaulted to my old name, [redacted], or mispronounced my preferred name as “Merl,” a man’s name that is close to the spelling of Meryl (i.e. Meryl Streep).


My IMS co-worker (redacted), a gay man, after learning that my preferred pronouns were she/her and that I have a lot of trouble with people respecting that, thought it would be funny to refer to me as an “it,” and has since, even after having been reported and bringing upon me a panic attack, retained his job.


After around 6-7 months I experienced multiple instances of discrimination and transphobia from my direct supervisor (redacted, who is now the ZMS of Electronics), from being called “that,” to being told that my identity did not matter and if I did not like the way he treated me, I could just as easily leave.


This was followed by a month-long HR investigation that resulted in my supervisor keeping his job and my HR rep, plus two additional managers (co-manager redacted and assistant manager redacted), telling me to my face, that my claims were unsubstantiated. Or, in other words, my supervisor got away with discrimination and creating an unsafe workplace for me, while also completely dodging Walmart’s number one rule of “respect for the individual” and of course, the discrimination policy.


2013 went by with a slow and agonizing crawl toward putting a stop to most of the abuse I received from coworkers and managers on a frequent/daily basis, sometimes just as soon as I’d walk through the door.


Earlier this year, I experienced both sexual harassment and insults from one of my store’s co-managers (co-manager redacted).


While I was working in grocery receiving one day, down-stacking a pallet from the top of the steel, he had come back to throw cardboard away and proceeded to lean over his shopping cart (where he’d been keeping empty cardboard) and leered at me for at least 5 minutes, without reason or words. I took this as sexual harassment.


Not even a half hour later, he denied my pronouns (called me him/he) multiple times in front of a handful of associates as if it was no big deal and that it wasn’t totally against Walmart discrimination policy (even though it is).


A month ago, this same co-manager brought myself and the rest of the IMS team into the office to explain to us how OSA first worked, and decided to use my old name (redacted), 3 times before finally correcting himself, in front of all of my coworkers.


Nobody did or said anything.


All of the aforementioned was also reported to HR, and seeing as how apologies were never made by any of the people I’ve ever reported (and all of them still have jobs with the company), I’m going to assume that nothing was ever done to correct this abuse.


This brings us up to two weeks ago when the “family restroom” (my preferred and only restroom of use) was closed and locked for store remodel. Don’t ask me why a bathroom needs to be closed for two to three weeks (or more) in order to replace a sink.


Upon discovering this, I took it upon myself to simply use the lady’s room, because the alternative would have not only been incorrect to my gender, but would/could have also resulted in harassment, assault and in more extreme circumstances, rape or even murder.


On August 14th, 2014, I spoke to HR about a coworker from the Deli (redacted), who had called me “him” on the salesfloor in front of multiple associates and customers. I had also mentioned things that co-manager [redacted] had done, one more time (and was told that this co-manager in-particular is very supportive of me and I was dismissed).


Before the meeting ended, I was told that this would be taken care of (which, judging by their track record, I doubt was true), that they promised there would eventually be an “awareness” meeting with the store (which I also doubted), and that I needed to wait until she (HR redacted) got the “okay” from higher up in order for me to use the women’s restroom.


On August 15th, 2014, I came into work with no restroom to use (at least safely) and was once again facing bad attitudes towards me from coworkers and managers. It was an hour into my shift that I came to the conclusion that, in order to preserve my mental (or what’s left of it) and physical well-being, that my best course of action was to leave my job at Walmart (I could not take one more day of it).


I feel as though I had little choice in the matter and that I was mostly forced to make this decision, unless I wanted to face possible and multiple psychological evaluations and/or trips to the hospital from physical abuse I most likely would have received, being forced to use the men’s restroom for an undetermined amount of time.


I hope that, in any Walmart store, where a transgender employee happens to be employed, that their treatment is light years better than the two years of Hell that I received working for Walmart.

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